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MobaXterm - Enhanced SSH client for Windows
MobaXterm - Enhanced SSH client for Windows
Emanuele Papa
Emanuele Papa
July 31, 2017
1 min

I’ve always struggled myself each time I had to use SSH on Windows (yes, at least half of the time I use it, I like it). Just few months ago Windows released the Bash Ubuntu integration, which is very well integrated with the Windows environment and it’s a very cool feature, even if it is still a beta!

Anyway, since I was always looking for a better alternative than PuTTY, I finally found an alternative which is extremely worth to be mentioned, MobaXterm.

It has a very cool list of features and has both a free and a professional editions.

It is a lot more than only a featured SSH client, so, really,  give it a look, it’s really worth it!

Thank you MobaXterm!



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