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Windows 10 Wake On Lan
Windows 10 Wake On Lan
Emanuele Papa
Emanuele Papa
March 26, 2016
2 min

I was using the Wake On Lan feature of my motherboard brilliantly, but after having updated my system from Windows 7 to Windows 10 it stopped working and I had to figure out why.

Here below are the steps you need to check if you want to enable the Wake On Lan on your computer.

Enable Wake On LAN in your motherboard settings

First, you need to enter your BIOS/UEFI and check for Wake On Lan setting. It should be very simple, you should just find an option: the only thing you have to do is set it to Enabled.


Enable Wake On LAN in Windows 10 network device settings

Search for Device Manager from the Start Menu/toolbar and open it. Look for Network Adapters, if you open it you will find the list of all the network adapters you have installed in your computer (ethernet, wifi, virtual ones, etc..)

Find the one you use to connect to your LAN, and right click on it, then choose Properties.

The following depends on your hardware/driver version: the point as always here is to find the Wake On Lan setting. You could find it under the Advanced or Power Management tabs. Also here you need to enable the Wake On Lan property, if any, and some other properties like Wake on Magic Packet.


Disable Windows 10 fast startup

This step is only necessary if after have done the two previous ones the Wake On Lan isn’t yet working. Disabling this option could slightly increase your system startup but it was the only way to let my Wake On Lan work. By the way, I didn’t notice any difference between before and after startup times.

Search for Device Manager from the Start Menu/toolbar and open it. Now click on Choose what the power buttons do from the left menu. Disable Turn on fast startup.


If everything is setup correctly you should be able to turn on your computer from all the other computer and devices (smartphones, tablets, etc) which are connected to your LAN. There are a lot of softwares for whatever Operating System you need to perform this operation. You can also install Team Viewer on the computer you want to wake and at least on one other computer in the LAN to use this one to turn on the target machine from the Team Viewer web interface very easily with just a click!

Any suggestions/questions, feel free to write a comment below!



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Emanuele Papa

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