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Java concurrency explained with a few examples

By Emanuele Papa
Published in Development
May 06, 2017
1 min read
Java concurrency explained with a few examples

Sometimes we write very high level code, sometimes we don’t. I want to put here a link to a simple project which shows how to deal with concurrency in Java with a few examples.

The project is available on Github here

Goal of the project is to retrieve the details and the balance of a player and show them at the same time: until you have collected both of them you have to wait before showing the user the information.

There are two different packages: in the first, Futures and Callables are being used, in the other, Threads/Runnables and a CountDownLatch are.

Futures and Callables are the best option when you need to run a task which has a return value. I also made it in a different way using Threads/Runnables, a CountDownLatch and some listeners but these classes are usually used when you have tasks which won’t return any value.

Use the two Main classes to run the examples. Have fun!


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