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Meet me at droidcon Italy 2022

By Emanuele Papa
Published in Info
September 22, 2022
1 min read
Meet me at droidcon Italy 2022

A year has passed and it seems this blog was lost in time. It has been a year full of tasks to accomplish in my private life, so the time for side projects decreased and I didn’t have the time to keep the quality level I want for posts I publish, so practically all of them remained drafts. I hope I’ll resume publishing soon but in the meanwhile…

I’m happy to say that I’m very excited to be speaking at droidcon Italy 2022 in a few days!

Last year I talked about Flutter at droidcon London 2021, but then I moved to use Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) daily.
So, this time, I will be speaking about what’s cool and what’s not about KMM. I do love KMM but you anyway need to know that having a silver bullet for cross-platform development isn’t so easy, so things might get difficult sometimes. I will share some tricks to create a better synergy between Android and iOS!

You can find the talk abstract here on the speakers page.

Please like and retweet the Twitter post.

Come and say hi, I’ll be happy to meet you!


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